"This is how you drink our Cura Cosmos noble raw cocoa"

"So trinkst du unseren Cura Cosmos Edel Roh Kakao"


◊ Heat ~ 250ml water ( ~ 40° - 50° Celsius)

◊ ~28g - Grate 42g of cocoa for each cup

◊ Add any desired spices & sweeteners to the hot water (chili, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, tahini, salt, pepper, honey, agave syrup,...)

◊ Add cocoa to mixture & stir until cocoa is completely melted

◊ For a fluffy and smooth finish, blend the contents in a blender for 30 to 60 seconds

◊ Serve hot

Holding the cup of your energizing cocoa, take a deep breath and think of an intention for your ceremony or morning cup. Wish yourself a nice day, or your loved ones. Be grateful to yourself and this incredible plant.
Drink it with pleasure and let it unfold its power.

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calorific value  2235kJ (543kcal)
Fat  45g
- saturated with it
fatty acids  27g
- of which monounsaturated
fatty acids  14g
- thereof polyunsaturated
fatty acids  1.6g
carbohydrates  6.9g
- of which sugars  <0.5g
fiber  29g
protein  13g
Salt  0g
content of potassium  800 mg
NRV* of potassium  40%
content of phosphorus  470 mg
NRV* of phosphorus  67%
content of magnesium 290 mg
NRV* of magnesium 77%
content of iron  2.70 mg
NRV* on iron  19%
content of zinc  5.00 mg
NRV* on zinc  50%
content of copper  1.80 mg
NRV* on copper  180%
content of manganese  2.30 mg
NRV* to manganese  115%

*NRV = Percentage of Reference Intake of Daily Intake

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