About Cura Sana

Cura Sana Shop Founder | Daniel Belezanski

a HEART for


I love cocoa and Latin America!

how it all started

Through my numerous trips to Latin America I was able to visit the most wonderful places and spend a lot of time with the indigenous community in various countries. I was allowed to sit with the elders, learn; most about myself and my role here at this time.
I am very grateful for all the experiences and insights that have brought me on my way. Ah!

My heart has been beating for Guatemala since my early childhood. Two of my uncles emigrated there and I have always wanted to visit this country; In 2016 I fulfilled my dream and started my journey from California down south.
At Lago Atitlan in Guatemala, I came into contact with cocoa for the first time and got to know and love this magical drink.
Finding good Kaukau (as I call it) in Latin America is like literally "looking for a needle in a haystack"...
But the universe decided on an easier way for me and now the so-called "needle" actually exists here in Europe. I am convinced of this quality and look forward to enriching you with it.

Where am I right now?

Right in the middle :)

The plan...

We want to work as sustainably as possible, using as few resources as possible; with the lowest CO2 footprint!!!

From 2023 we will be able to deliver all products as CO2 neutral as possible to Europe by SAILBOAT.
--- A dream came true ---