Our mission: to make the ancestral medicine of the Mayas for heart healing available throughout Europe.

Our vision: to open the heart, mind, soul and spirit of everyone who drinks our raw cocoa, the true drink of the gods.

Why is our ceremonial grade and chocolatier grade cocoa different from the rest?

Our cacao is totally different from the commercial chocolate you buy at your local store these days or the other "ceremonial" chocolates.

It comes from the heart of the Mayan world, Guatemala the true home of cocoa. We support the indigenous Mayan communities in our country.

Each bean is carefully selected to ensure only the highest quality, and most of the process is handmade: with love, high-energy intentions, and no added ingredients, just 100% Criollo raw cocoa.


Our cocoa:

❁ Comes from ancestral seeds from local Mayan indigenous land

Organically grown in agroforestry projects, on family farms averaging 2 hectares

Grown in a cooperative model and we pay an average of 40-220% above the price of raw materials, providing a better livelihood for farmers and communities

Is blessed with love and healing intent throughout the manufacturing process

Used in rituals, often to connect more deeply with self and others. This allows access to expanded states of consciousness and increased vitality

Sustainable & fair:

We must care for our mother earth while honoring those who work for her, prioritizing inclusion, community, sustainability and fairness.

We strive to create products that contribute (on many levels) to our indigenous communities while helping the ecosystem.

We produce a balanced and holistic superfood, paying attention to sustainability and small production values. With our model, we create an exceptionally growing source of income for farmers, while also contributing to reforestation and promoting sustainable organic agriculture (this is a proven method for protecting forests, increasing biodiversity and reducing climate change).

Our family is re-establishing ancestral and traditional forms of farming, bringing tremendous real value to our cacao and we are beyond proud that this is not only good for you, but also for Mother Earth and those who care for it.

We believe that cacao definitely makes a big difference in the lives of those who drink it and in the lives of the indigenous communities and ecosystems that produce it.


It comes straight from our farms in the lush rainforest of Guatemala and from our friends and families in Suchitepequez.

The cacao trees in these regions are direct descendants of an ancient forest of trees domesticated by the Mayans more than 3,000 years ago, and they are known as the grandmother trees as they have been growing and reproducing since the Spanish invasion (1,524).

Many cocoa farmers grow trees that produce lower quality and more quantity because they are more disease resistant and guarantee a good harvest. Fine flavor cocoa (like ours) accounts for only 5% of world cocoa production and only grows here in Central America. The geographic limitations of cocoa cultivation make Guatemala one of the few places in the world that can produce fine cocoa.

A cacao pod contains 25 to 50 cacao beans that are wild harvested, hand picked, fermented, sun dried, lightly roasted, shelled and ground. It is then ground in small batches to allow our cacao to develop the subtle nuances of flavor and nutrients that make it a nutrient-dense, immunity-boosting and mood-boosting health tonic. It is freshly packed, shipped worldwide and is pure plant magic.


calorific value 2235kJ (543kcal)
Fat 45g
- saturated with it
fatty acids 27g
- of which monounsaturated
fatty acids 14g
- thereof polyunsaturated
fatty acids 1.6g
carbohydrates 6.9g
- of which sugars <0.5g
fiber 29g
protein 13g
Salt 0g
content of potassium 800 mg
NRV* of potassium 40%
content of phosphorus 470 mg
NRV* of phosphorus 67%
content of magnesium 290 mg
NRV* of magnesium 77%
content of iron 2.70 mg
NRV* on iron 19%
content of zinc 5.00 mg
NRV* on zinc 50%
content of copper 1.80 mg
NRV* on copper 180%
content of manganese 2.30 mg
NRV* to manganese 115%

*NRV = Percentage of Reference Intake of Daily Intake

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How should I store the cocoa?
Our ceremonial cacao will last at least 3 years when stored under the right conditions. If you live in a temperate place without high heat or humidity, it's best to keep it at room temperature.

Is your cocoa suitable for vegetarians/vegans?
Yes, cocoa is a 100% vegan, non-animal product.

- Does your cocoa contain caffeine?
Yes, there is an insignificant amount of caffeine that occurs naturally in cocoa and also contains theobromine (a similar stimulant but more gentle than caffeine).

Does your product contain gluten?
No, our cocoa is gluten free and will be in one gluten free environment processed.

What does Cura Sana Shop contribute?
Our business helps support and find work for Mayan Indigenous people, from young mothers to grandmothers and grandfathers. With the sale of our cocoa, we can provide jobs for up to 20 women in our village.